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Wiki Info Mashhad

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Still in Esfahan:

First we visited Jame' Mosque, oldest in Esfahan and largest in Iran. Next, to the Armenian church/museum which had on display - besides much about their history (including details of Turkish genocide of 1909-1st in 20th century w/ 1+ million murdered), -the tiniest book in the world - Lord's Prayer in 7 languages plus the 1st psalm printed on a human hair with a diamond point 20 x smaller than the hair! Our last tour visit here was the singularly unimpressive shaking minaret of mausoleum of Amu Abdollah Garladani! Had lunch at Naghshe Jahan Trad. Restaurant - tradiional in the sense that we sat in traditional manner on platforms...the food was pretty fast food!

Bon was anxious to walk thru the bazaar again, actually the old part to get 'the feel' of it. That done, Mehdi suggested free tea at another carpet place...they all do the same thing, a presentation explaining carpets and differences while you sip tea. Last night we spent so much time in the 2 we went to and drank so much tea that Mehdi did not sleep well, ha!

Wiki Info Mashhad

To Mashhad:

Back to the hotel after tea, wait an hour and then off to the airport and to Mashad...very conservative. Mehdi suggested to Bon she wear longer pants (she has none) or socks. Of course, for Bon just wearing the bandana on her head is getting a bit tedious, so you know how the suggestions to cover her ankles went over!

Huge surprise for our 1+ hour flight to Mashad we flew 1ST CLASS! Extra wide seats, tons of space in front of us, hot chicken & rice, plus orange, yogurt, salad, and soda for dinner! I'm impressed but then I've never flown 1st class. Mehdi says he's called the agency 3 times to get them to deposit $$ in his account to cover tavel costs and hasn't gotten it. Perhaps this is their send-off for us 4 days early, ha!

Tehran Hotel had airport pickup so we were ensconced in our room by 10pm. Looks to be another 3-4 Star accommodation, we are definitely getting spoiled. Major adjustment in store upon reaching India me thinks!

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