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Connie & Julio

Wanda "Frankly Speaking" Frank and M. Robert

Holland Land Office Museum

This office was where people came to pay for land as the...

Scott, Pat & Don Partridge

Partridge Family Homestead

Partridge Farms

Real cows

Gimmy a big one baby


Don demonstrating his round baler

Baler wrapping machine

Voila! Round bales

There is some time for play at Partrige Farms

More rain met us in Batavia (how appropriate). Summer here is either the last week of July or the first week of August or maybe just a part of either week. However, we had a ball yesterday catching up with people we have not seen in a long, long time. After a rousing bout of laundry we commenced visitin'. We stopped at Julio and Connie Lamilia's home. They lived across the street from us but have since moved. It was great catching up with them after 25 years. They were very kind saying we hadn't changed. Their two kids Mary Ann and Joseph are now grown ups!!! How did that happen? Next we stopped by for a surprise visit to one of our friends from my radio days, Wanda Frank. She is as spry and outspoken at 85 as she was way back when. Wanda visited us a number of times at our home and especially remembered how she enjoyed our kids and visits with my mom and dad. It was a very nice time. We stopped at the historic Holland Land Office Museum and while I was using the restroom I heard the curator talking with Shirley. I was surprised to hear him say M.Robert yes I thought that was him. Folks that was my radio name. Here is a guy who came just after I had left my radio career and knew all about me and people I worked with. We spent about a half an hour talking radio. It was pretty neat to be remembered after all these years. Then we went to dinner with our great friends Don and Pat Partridge....on them (thanks folks!) We reciprocated for dessert at a local ice cream shop. They are very successful dairy farmers and you want to talk about work. We got a tour of the farm and how hay is now baled in round bales rather than the small square ones. It seemed like we had just seen each other as the conversation flowed. We had a super time. I have said this before but this life style we are living is (believe it or not) tiring. We dropped into bed as soon as we got back to the camper. We are spending today with our very good friends Bob and Mary Lovria the fist native Batavia friends we made 30 years ago. Can't wait. Enjoy the pics.

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