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View from the front door in Teslin

View from the front door in Iskut.

Pretty flowers in the campground

Flowers everywhere

Friday 7/16 - We awoke to a pretty day but we are both ready to get out of this generally cold and rainy weather. We packed up and hit the road for the start of the long trek back to the lower 48. I heard the road between Glennallen and Tok has lots of frost heaves, gravel breaks, and construction. Our plan was to drive only the 180 miles to Tok. Well, Dan is like a trail horse when they hit the home stretch toward the barn. You just can't slowed them down. The road to Tok wasn't as bad as expected so we arrived around 12:30. Dan wasn't ready to stop so we filled up the tank and continued down the road. Since we already drove this part of the road, we knew it was going to be slow going with all the gravel breaks, frost heaves, and road construction. We stopped for the night at the same provincial campground, Lake Creek, that we spent the night on the way to Alaska. Dan built a fire and I cooked dinner over it. It looks like the park had recently been flooded. 335 miles of slow going.

Saturday 7/17 - We got an early start and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. We have about another 100 miles of bad roads until we get past Destruction Bay. We are still traveling over the same roads as the trip to Alaska so we aren't taking any pictures or stopping for sightseeing. We stopped at a nice park in Teslin, YT that is right on a pretty lake. I posted a picture of the view from the front door. I am fighting a sinus infection and didn't much feel like eating so Dan ate dinner at the little restaurant here in the campground. 341 miles.

Sunday 7/18 – Today we will turn off the Alaska Highway and continue our trip along the Cassier Highway. The rest of the trip will be all new territory. The first leg of this highway has a lot of road construction for about 100 miles. We spent a lot of time waiting for the pilot vehicle then slow driving over the unpaved road. We stopped at another nice campground in Iskut, BC. I posted a picture of the view from the front door. 346 miles.

Monday 7/19 – We are hoping this leg of the Cassier Highway is in better shape. There were some pretty views of the Cassier mountains. The road was windy with no guard rails but it was all paved with no frost heaves so we made pretty good time. At the end of the Cassier Highway, we picked up the Yellowhead Highway which is a very nice highway. We stopped for the night in Houston, BC at another nice campground. The owner has a real green thumb and has planted flowers all over the park. I posted a few pictures. 360 miles.

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