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This morning after chatting with the Park Hosts for a bit, we back tracked to get the shots that Mum was after. It was interesting to see the view we missed last night. Getting the shots of the buildings between an almost non-existent town of Yorkville (blink and you miss it) and Boonville was quite easy as the traffic was very light.

Mum has a real thing for these buildings and is hoping to get enough to fill a small album. She has quite a few already but we came across around 10 in this one area. Most people probably wouldn't see the beauty of these broken down places but Mum does so her passion for them has to be fulfilled.

From there we headed back towards San Fran for a RV Park near Hayward were we have to return the camper in two days. Well what a disappointment that park turned out to be. The instructions to get there sucked and it was an over packed, cement dump. Revolting after all the nature we have been surrounded by. As we were to stay for 2 nights and it didn't have internet or cable, we hightailed it out of there. They did however give us a list of other places close that we could try. Yeah right. They obviously didn't like the fact that we chose not to stay and hoped that after coming across only places that were trailer parks, you know, those places that are filled with dingy tin homes for the lower economy class (that we could not stay at), that we would come back with our tails between our legs.

Well that wasn't going to happen. We ended up heading way out of town and our way to a place called Stockton. At last that was where the campground was supposed to be. No once again the info about KOA parks was 'fluffed up' to make it sound like what you want. It wasn't in Stockton but past Lido. Not signed well at all either and by the time we made it there it was after 9pm. At least the place was almost empty and we had no one anywhere near us. So at least it was going to be quite for the last couple of days. We were also still within walking distance of the laundry, the shop and restaurant and the were trees everywhere.

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