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Girls day out


Lotus pond

Out with Mum and Dad for the day

Mum and Dad taking photos

Gifts for home! Looks painful

Family outing

Traditional wedding

Kiyomizu-dera shrine

Kiyomizu-dera shrine

Kyoto is a lot bigger than I had imagined however its really easy to get around and still has a small town feel. Today was all about sightseeing. Having planned our attack, we headed back towards the roof top bar from the night before and then on to the Higashiyama-ku and Gion areas.

Walking through the restored streets and houses in Gion was wonderful, albeit incredibly crowded being a Sunday. We were fascinated to see both locals and tourists renting kimonos for the day and then wandering around, photographing themselves and their friends. I gave up counting how many times I was asked or offered to take group photos of these beautifully made up young women.

At one point we spotted a very young maiko (a girl between 15-20 in training to be a geiko (Kyoto name for geisha)) out walking with who appeared to be her parents. I didn’t want to intrude but managed to fire of a few inconspicuous shots!

We finished with a late lunch at a ramen restaurant in Nishiki Market and headed home for some quiet time before dinner.

Jenny’s pedometer stopped early morning and when last checked, it said we had walked 8km. I think by the time we got back to the Hotel, we must have done around 20km. My big toe was throbbing and swollen (nail still intact!) however it was nice to have a quick dinner near the hotel and put my feet up for the rest of the night.

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