Rich and Cindy Ackman PEI and Nova Scotia 2019 travel blog

Gros Morne Roadside 1

Gros Morne Roadside 2

Gros Morne Raodside 3

Gros Morne Roadside 4

Gros Morne Roadside 5

Gros Morne Roadside 6

Gros Morne Mountain

Gros Morne Roadside 7

Gros Morne Roadside 8

Gros Morne Roadside 9

Gros Morne Roadside 10

It was a pretty drive up the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to our left and the Long Range Mountains on our right. The Long Range Mountains are actually a continuation of the Appalachian Mountains that run through the United States. I found out that this same mountain range actually runs across the Atlantic into Europe.

The mountains are green with grasses, bushes and small pine trees. Very different than in the states but very pretty. We have not run into a lot of wildlife on the trip yet. Lots of moose signs, but no moose.

The coastal waters are very calm on the western shores. That being said, you can see that when storms come through they can be very significant. The waters are cold and full of sea life. Not much lobster fishing but lots of cod. That seems to be a mainstay. The communities are very small and have to be self sufficient. They are a long way from any cities.

I am posting a lot of roadside pictures that we took on the drive and on the main road of the park. We will be taking a couple specialty tours that I will post separately.

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