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Etna's lava was spectacular

the volcano's fall-out made an eery sight

Fiumefreddo's water may well have some special ingredients

finally..... Davo has learnt to park Italian style

a tad windy for you Gilli ? .....

..... the wind didn't seem to affect my hair

lava and ash make an interesting landscape

Mount Etna .... she's a beautiful, wild lady

Our unit in Plemmirio turned out to be in a great spot with just a two minute walk to a small beach directly opposite Syracuse.

As this was our last stop in Sicily we wasted little time getting out to explore Syracuse, Catania, Avola and a fabulous old town with the odd name of Noto Antica. In ancient times it was known as Netun and has recorded history to 263 BC. Unlike many old towns, Noto was more open in its layout and the mainly Baroque architecture was in pristine condition.

Avola on the other hand was cramped and full of scary drivers so we gave it the flick in favour of Taormina, an ancient town perched high on a mountain not far from Catania. In addition to its interesting streets and buildings the remains of a Greco-Roman amphitheatre, dating back to the third century BC, are a big tourist drawcard. Taormina was one of our favourites.

The time had arrived to find 'Freddo' so we headed north in search of this mysterious title. In fact Fiumefreddo was the hometown of a very dear friend and we were out to capture photo 'reminders' to send back home. It was such an interesting town that we wandered around for a while to take a break from the relentless traffic.

The coffee was brilliant, we were in good hands.

If driving amongst Italians wasn't enough to test our fate we upped the anti by visiting Mount Etna, Europe's tallest and most active volcano. She has regularly erupted since 2014 and the lava flows have formed mountains in their own right. The winding drive up together with the presence of really strong winds at the viewing level was exhilarating.

This was a great experience.

Another experience was a motorbike passing us while we were passing other traffic on an Autostrada. We were doing 110'ish kph in the passing lane and he flew past, hugging the guardrail, as if we were stationary.

Who knows if he made it to wherever he was going.

Many Italians do tend to push things to the extreme.

With our Sicilian adventure over we boarded our final ferry at Messina for the short trip to the mainland.

We were glad that we had finally visited this Italian island and enjoyed every minute.

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