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Breakfast in Gdansk

Krakow Apartment

Krakow Terrace

Krakow Main Square

Today we depart Gdansk for Krakow. We have train tickets (with reserved seats) leaving at 10:55. After packing we decide to have breakfast and do a last walk around the neighborhood before checking out. Having walked by the Balzac Restaurant several times we noticed it was open for breakfast so decided to try it. As we left the apartment we noticed how quiet it was and the only ones out were a few tourists with cameras! Perfect we could take more pictures with few people in them. We sat outside as it was a lovely day and as I sipped my cappuccino and waited for the food Judi B decided to get a few more shots of Neptune's Fountain. As we leisurely enjoyed our breakfast there were four tour groups that walked by - so much for getting out ahead of the masses! Back to the apartment to get our luggage and head to the train station - a 12 minute walk. We were on the opposite side of the street from the station (a fence and trolley tracks plus 4 lanes of traffic separating us from the station). A nice taxi driver pointed out the elevator down, which was better than carrying luggage down a flight of stairs. Arriving on the lower level and crossing under the street we then discover there is no elevator up so we haul our luggage up (I shall pack lighter next trip!) so we can go down and up again to get to the correct platform for our train! The train is full (we are glad we have reserved seats) and we are on the express which makes four stops on our five plus hour ride. It seems there is some confusion with our international purchased tickets as there is an extra charge (only for one person) that we either did not pay or it was not noted on our receipt! However, after trying to explain it in limited English she said it is OK. The cart with coffee and/or water comes down the aisle and we opt for water with plastic glass (for our wine we brought on board as they do not sell wine on the train). After the Warsaw stops the cart comes thru again but we cannot have another bottle of water as we had already received one - apparently only one per ticket! A driver met us at the train and drove us to Old Town to meet Michael and our apartment. Michael is a little surprised there are only two of us as the apartment will accommodate ten!! It is on the 4th floor (with elevator) and is quite lovely. We each have our own room and own bathroom! After unpacking and scoping out our place we walked to the main square (less than a half block from our apartment) got a local map from the TI, a few groceries and dinner (lamb chops)! Then it was back to the apartment to watch the men's final of the US Open (Nadal won)! A busy day! JC

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