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Entering Wat Pha Lat temple complex

At Wat Pha Lat

At Wat Pha Lat

Hilltribe village children outside Wat Phra That

Ganesha at Wat Phra That

Josh ringing a very large gong

Selfie with view of Chiang Mai in distance

At Wat Phra That

Mon Tha Thon Waterfall

Waterfall selfie

Monk's robe marker

The first few days in Chiang Mai have been wonderful. We went for a run around the Old City which is still surrounded by a moat and the remnants of an ancient wall that was built in the early 1300's. The next day we hiked part way up Doi Suthep mountain on a trail called the Monk's Trail to the temple Wat Pha Lat, which is tucked away in very lush jungle. The trail gets it's namesake from the markers along the way, which are pieces of monk's robes tied to the trees, and from the people that regularly traverse it...yep, you guessed it, monks. We got caught in a torrential downpour as we approached the temple but took refuge in a cave with some ancient Buddhas and watched the nearby stream triple in size!

Today we took a songthaew (think St John taxis!) up Doi Suthep further to another temple, Wat Phra That. Then we hiked out to the Mon Tha Thon waterfall, where Josh used to play as a kid! Went for a very cold swim. It was breathtaking.

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