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Jedburg Abbey

Jedburg Abbey

In Scotland

In England!

Hardian's wall - Heddon

At Hadrian's wall

The angel of Newcastle

York Cathedral

A beggar just outside the cathedral

Mad Alice Lane

"The Shambles"

One of the York cats

Cliffords Tower

Inside the tower

The Cathedral from the tower


Selfie at the tower

Costantine the Great

The Dragon Boat race

Yorkshire Pudding dessert

Up at 6:00 and bags outside then down for a quick breakfast, then off for the day. First stop at Jedburg Abbey, the ruins of a 1200s abbey, later a church. Also a bathroom break!

We came to the English border then made a quick stop for a section of Hadrian’s Wall. Most people said “Is that it?” as it was just a couple feet high. I pointed to a nearby house and said “That’s it too…”

Driving along the motorway we passed Newcastle and marveled at the Angel of Newcastle – an odd sculpture that welcomes visitors to the city. We played a silly game where we had to name five body parts above and five below that had only three letters. We were one of the winning families and git a nice bowl for our efforts!

We arrived at York around 2:30 and the weather had turned quite warm – a bit over 80 and quite sunny. Julianne took us off into the town and the cathedral and then through the very crowded streets. We wandered through the shambles – a narrow medieval street where the shops hung partially over the road. Supposedly one of the oldest streets still in use in Europe (with original buildings that is – we drove on a Roman Road for much of the trip). She also pointed out the “York Cats” – cat sculptures scattered all over the city. We spotted a couple of them. Nice idea.

We ended up on Parliament street, the main walking street in the city, and she set us free, I wanted to look at the Viking area and ended up at Clifford’s Tower, a 13th century keep that was part of a larger castle complex but this was all that remained. The sign said that folks abandoned castles because they were cold and damp but failed to mention the introduction of cannons. In any event the tower was nicely kept. I walked around the top of the keep and there were some great views of the city. Alice didn’t want to go up all the steps so she stayed behind.

Then back through the town and got some ice cream and sat in the shade. A rubbish collector came by to clean a bin and I thanked him – sort of took him by surprise but I explained that I thought he was preforming an important service. Alice thought me weird.

Then off through the streets some more and joined up with the group. On a bridge over the Ouse River we watched a dragon boat race – teams paddling down the river as a fund raiser. Lots of people out to watch.

Then back on the bus to the Holiday Inn and our rooms. An hour or so to clean up then down to the last dinner. Sat with John and Joann again and the whole meal took about three hours. It took about 20 minutes to eat everything but a long interval between courses.

Finally back to the room and packed up for our last bus ride – up at 6:00 tomorrow and off to Stratford on Avon and London!

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