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Victoria Falls


Cow dung floor

Drying meat

Cell phone!


Millett storage bin


Cattle Enclosure

Donkey Cart


On the truck

The Big Tree

Road hazard

Zulu princess #1

Zulu Princess #2

Zulu guy



Kitty on Zipline

Tom on zip line

Zambizi River

Two set off

The Big Zip #1

The Big Zip #2 - is that my camera?

The Big Zip #3

Up late and go have breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Nice full breakfast and we don’t have to clean up!

Back and get our stuff together for our first adventure of the day - ziplining. A driver came to pick us up a little late and we headed off to the adventure park for our canopy tour. Kitty, Jan and I got all dressed up in the zip gear had headed off. We started a run of nine lines. On the first one Jan went on her own but after that she had a taxi as it was tough to land. There were some quite long stretches and I cut my leg a bit and bumped my head, but all in all it was a real blast. We all enjoyed it thoroughly as we zipped through the canopy at one end of the great Zambesi River right where it turned 360 degrees on its way to the Indian ocean.

We finished up and headed back to the lodge. We thought we were a bit late for our village tour but we got to do the gorge zip! Jan went first on a long zip line to the other side of the gorge, then back and forth for a while. They send a guy out on a pully to ferry her back in. Quite the rush!

Then it was our turn I took Mr. Blue the camera to take pictures from the gorge but it seems to have slipped out of my pocket and is now somewhere in the Zambisi river. Other than that it was a great ride. Twenty seconds of acceleration/deceleration then the guy coming to pick us up. Spectacular scenery and a really exciting ride!

We then got the groups truck back to the hotel, scarfed down a power bar and got ready for the next trip which was late anyhow. It was a village tour and we went to a traditional enclosure about 30 minutes away. The chief (or patriarch) talked about himself for a long time as a healer and leader, then a tour of the compound which was much more interesting. Round huts for unmarried adults, square for married, millet stored in the rafters of the common shelters. Kitchen. Storage container, silo, tools. A bit of a braggart but interesting none the less. Back to town we had them drop us off at the bridge to Zambia and got a bridge pass let us onto the bridge but not to officially enter Zambia, Lots of trucks loaded with copper were sitting on the roadside. It was quite the Walk but we got to see the falls again and actually enter Zambia. We took some pictures then hurried back.

Once back into Zimbabwe we got a cab that took up to the “big tree” - a Boabob that was 1000 to 1500 years old. As we headed back to the hotel we were delayed by a herd of elephants crossing the road along with some buffalo and impalas. We got a couple pictures and back to the hotel in time to shower and get dressed.

Then up to the lobby and met our ride to the Boma dinner and show - all sorts of strange foods, Caterpillars, Elan, impala, plus much more bush meats. I tried them all! Jan relished the food and Kitty liked it.

Then a drum/dance group performed for a bit, more eating, and then another drum group. This time they passed out drums to the diners and we all drummed along, finally ending up clapping our hands while select members of the audience danced to the music.

On the way our we came across some really good bargains and Kitty bought a bunch of bowls for a very good price. Then we met our taxi driver just outside and headed back to the hotel for the night.

Really a great adventure packed day - only problem was that I had a bad head cold and was quite miserable most of the time. But a great day!

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