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Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016 Wine Tasting in Hvar, Croatia & Cool Night (Wet too)

Our first port of call in Croatia is the island city of Hvar (pronounced “Hwar”). We were on the first tender to shore and met with our tour guide Sinisa outside the walled city. He showed us where our two wine tasting venues were on a map. We drove for many kilometers and throughout a long tunnel until we reached a small “Vina Caric Shop.” There we met Mateo, a young man with whom we had a good chat about Croatian history and tasted four fine wines. The town of Polozaja is along a canal and it has the nickname of “Little Venice.” They have been making wine in Hvar since 384 BC!

Our next winery was a much larger vintner. Again we tasted both white and red wine in a charming cave-like setting. However, the young lady who poured our wines brought a special dessert wine that we really liked and we bought a bottle for the Verona portion of our trip! Our companions at the table were Martin and Suzanne from England.

That evening, we proceeded to the town again and hoped to visit the Benedictine Convent to look at fine agave-fiber lace made by these nuns. However, the person who interfaced with the public (it is a cloistered order) was ill and we missed this opportunity.

The ship had a “Cool Nights and Cool Places” set up for our dinner at a local restaurant, The Pinetta, after a quick tour of Hvar. The cool place was great until it began to be the wet place from a pop-up thunderstorm. We quickly moved inside where it soon became the hot place. The main dish was a traditional “cooked under a bell” of beef and potato. The story goes that on Sunday, the woman of the house wanted to go to church, but she had to cook the noon meal. So to accomplish both, she prepared the meat and put the dinner under a huge iron bell heated with charcoal. We got to see the bell!

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