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Many years ago, little sis Kaymon said something to me that has stuck with me since. She stated, "for being someone who is so smart, you can be so stupid!". She was right. She stated this as we were trying to air up a flat tire. I couldn't figure out how to do it, so she had to do it for me.

This trip is reminding me how easily logic seems to escape me. Since I've retired, I have heard so many tell me how jealous they are of what I'm doing. I agree with an extent. I am totally out of my comfort zone! TOTALLY!! Handy, I'm not. Logical, I'm not.

Work was actually easy for me. Strategy and a vision of what we should and could accomplish was not a stretch. It was my comfort zone. This? What a learning experience this is for me.

No, I won't give you all the illogical things I have done since I left Oklahoma at the first of the month. I refuse to give you ammunition to remind me of how stupid I can be.... :))

Let's just say, I have spent more money than necessary to learn that issues I have hot water, no heat, tire inflation, city water vs. tank water, etc., have all been pilot error. I'm living up to the blonde hair reputation more everyday!!

All this to say, I've been pondering what I will do next in my life. How can I help others? Habitat? Best Friends Animal Sanctuary? Dog rescue?

I think God is telling me to learn more about me first. After all, out here on my own, it's all on me, the support of my wonderful four-legged babies, and God.

Yes, I'm an idiot. But, life is so good!

Thanks for listening. I'm done now. :))

Much love,


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