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That's one huge luxury hot chocolate

Rona's mother (Anne), brother (Johnson) and sister (Freda)

At her brother Kevan and his wife's headstone

Somewhere in here was the headstone

Keep looking!

I think I've found it!

Mardi and Rona hard at work




Looking less overgrown now

See the large cross on the right ... our headstone was just...

The Dean Parish Church

After a very lazy morning, and a breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit (yum!) Mardi and I drove over to the Post Office around the corner from Mike and Rona's place. We posted a parcel off to Emily (look out for that one in the next ten days or so), but there are more parcels to be posted to Australia over the next couple of days - watch out Uncle Anthony and Aunty Carla.

We picked up Rona (and waved to Mike - he was staying at home to eat the potatoes we'd bought him as a present yesterday!) and we headed off to the Garden Centre for a lunch of sandwiches and tea or hot chocolate. Mardi ordered a luxury hot chocolate, but I can assure you that as delicious as it was, it will definitely be her last!!! Check out the photo!!

Then the three of us went to the Dean cemetery to find Rona's father's and grandfather's grave. We went armed with secateurs (two pairs - one big and one small), three pairs of thick gloves, and some brute force. Mardi did the lion's far share of the pruning but Rona and I were there right behind her giving orders, photographing everything and helping out a little. About an hour after we started our pruning we had found the headstone of Rona's grandfather, father, uncle and one of her brothers - all buried in the same grave. It was a good find. We also checked out Rona's mothers, sister and another brother's headstone - all buried in the same grave, and Kevan (another brother) and his wife's headstone. Kevan only passed away in February this year so his name was not on the headstone as yet.

It was a hot, yet rewarding adventure. After we dropped Rona off at her place we were heading back to the Mercure for a much needed shower when we passed an icecream lady on the side of the road. We turned around (did a u-turn when it was safe) and bought ourselves a homemade icecream. Mardi had toffee fudge and I had mint. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were much rested (and cleaner) when we went back over to Braddyll Road for dinner. It was very delicious, once again. Tonight we continued our detective work, looking further afield for some more family details and we think we have come up with a pearler. Let me see if I can make sense of it for us all ...

Rona and Dad's ...

~ grandfather = Johnson Lomax married to Annie Lee

~ great grandfather = Johnson Lomax married to Margaret Gregory

~ great great grandfather = Johnson Lomax married to Elizabeth

Today ... we found the gravestone of their grandfather (see the photos). We think we may have also located the gravestone of the great great grandparents but we won't know for certain until tomorrow when we go to Heaton Cemetery to check it out.

I'm now on the look out for the great grandparents. We don't know much about their whereabouts but are certain they are in Bolton somewhere. Guess what I'm doing after this!?

Almost forgot the nearly best part of the day ... Mike and Rona lent us a fan!! Our room is now bearable!! Thank you heaps :)

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