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Getting ready for dinner

Un-invited guest

Neighbors escorting dinner guest away!

(Pink Mt to Testa River Regional Park) An EPIC BEAR day!! At the start of today, Dad was a little stressed that the rv batteries won’t charge. But I got to eat lunch at the A&W in Ft Nelson (British Columbia) while the auto shop guy got us fixed (the root beer float was delicious). On the drive to Testa River Regional Park (campground) we saw two black bears on the side of the road. But most exciting was when Mom and Grandma were cooking pork chops, a black bear came right to our campsite for dinner! Mom and Grandma hid in the rv while Dad and I stood back, outside, with other campers. My boots and Dad’s were outside on the ground, the bear sniffed them, then left them alone! Mom agrees with the bear…..the boots smell a lot! We decided to eat inside. I am taking “high bear precautions” tonight (definitely not sleeping outside in the tent)!

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