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First of 3 formal nights

View from the gym

We started out with plenty of rockin' and rollin'-which means 8' swells and a 30 knot apparent wind-making for a bumpy ride. There is nothing like open ocean for a bit of variety in the sailing experience. News from the Captain is our journey for three days will be more of the same plus a bit. We rode out a storm with a few showers, some 12' swells and an apparent wind of 59 knots. As a few of the Aussies said "rough night ahead, they put the bags out". Stabilizers must be working it is not too bad. They have closed the promenade to walking and the pool is sloshing all over the deck. Opening our verandah door is a challenge -taking care of my gym workout! We dock in Fremantle tomorrow and hope to find some internet access.

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