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Military Tattoo

Future's Past

Icebergs in Summer


Purple Urchin

Signal Hill/Cabot Tower

Downtown St. John's

Today, went to Signal Hill to catch icebergs and the fog roll in, but for a surprise, saw those trying out marching in a military tattoo in period uniforms from circa 1790s, Napoleonic, and WWI uniforms.

Then, it was up to the top of Signal Hill and Cabot Tower again to see the icebergs and the fog roll in.

Yesterday, we went to a touch tank at MUN's Ocean Studies Building. It's really cool - you can hold animals that live on the ocean shelf in relatively shallow waters.

I even got to hold the tiniest little sea urchin that was a lovely shade of purple.

On the way down from Signal Hill, I was able to snap some photos of downtown St. John's, including the (very) haunted Basilica.

Really, this city is lovely - the food is excellent, the people warm. It is cold here by Midwestern standards (the lad over my shoulder told me, "that's cute.") but it's true. In comparison to the 60 degree F temps here, home is in the high 90s with tornado watches abounding. I don't really miss the severe weather, but I do miss a bit of the heat, though, I'm now able to go without a jacket most of the time in the bright sunlight.

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