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Up at 6:30 AM and did morning stuff. Packed up all my gear and waited for the folks to stop by to get me for breakfast. I was feeling a little better but wasn’t too sure about breakfast. Definitely no tea… Well, about 8:30 everybody showed up – we were supposed to meet at Martin’s and I forgot. I guess a day dealing with the issues can have a negative effect on memory.

I finally got to meet the new folks – Hans and Ema from Switzerland. He’s a landscape architect and she does chemical research on drugs. Nice folks – Ema has better English than Hans but both are passable.

The taxi showed up and took our luggage so we then walked the shore line to the pier – Cool and cloudy day and just a hint of drizzle. We arrived and crowded on the pier with 20 or so other folks and waited for the ferry. Turned out to be a less comfortable water taxi. Rows of seats against the side facing the middle, and a wide cushion in the center. It would have been unbearable if it was hot, but the cool weather was fine. The trip took about an hour over quite choppy seas.

Then Belize City – no longer the capital and a city of about 80,000. It was much larger but hurricane after hurricane destroyed much of the city and the capital was moved inland in the 1990s. Lots of tourists at the terminal. We got our bags and our ride showed up and off we went. There were many partially destroyed buildings and empty lots, but some very nice looking places.

After driving on very bumpy roads for about an hour we stopped in at the Belize zoo. Like many zoos it was not great. Panther and other cats paced the cages. The tapir seemed to be having a grand time trying to steal food from people. Harpy Eagle looked depressed. Alligators was quite happy it seemed as were a pond full of turtles but mostly it wasn’t great.

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