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We got up early today, about 11am. Lol.

Made our way by bus down to the port and had lunch in a cafe by the port.

Our ferry arrived and we where heading back to Athens (this time on a superfast ferry (hydrofoil) so a lot smoother and quicker).

At 5.30pm we where back in Athens, we had a couple of ideas of what to do. We wanted to be in Thesoloniki in the next night. The train goes there but there are two sights away from the train line we want to see. Hire a car was the answer. We got a good price 32 euros, but they wanted to charge us 104 to drop it off at another town ie Thesoloniki. We took about 20 min to decide and by the time we did they had no more cars left. Guess we where sleeping in Athens again.

Then Andrew said we could just go to Thesoloniki tomorrow by train and hire a car their. Great but why dont we catch the train over night. Even better.

The train left Athens at 9pm, we should arrive at about 3 or 4am.

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