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Wild adventure day! Well for me, not so much for Kara after we found out the water temperature in the caves was 10*C. Today was quite the different days for the 2 of us. Our morning started out nice, got to have a bit of a sleep in, got to face time with family then had burgers and salad for lunch. After lunch we went our separate ways for the afternoon. We were supposed to both do an underground black water rafting caving adventure, but after talking to the caving company, and finding out how cold the water was, Kara decided against freezing her ass off for 4 hours. And after I completed my adventure, I can't say I blame her. I did a tour with the company called the the Black Abyss. This was a 5 hour adventure with 2 guides and 8 guests. In our adventure we got to abseil down a 35 metre vertical cave to the starting point of underground trek. From there walked down an old part of the underground river where the water runs below the steel grate you walk on. The steel grate was there because the river has cut the rock so narrow your feet would barely fit in. We then came to the flying fox, this was basically a zip line underground going from one level of the river to the next below. (Instead of us going off the edge of a waterfall.) This was a wild experience because you go in the pitch black and all you can see is the glow worms above your head. One freaky part of it was that they made you scream the whole way down so the guides had a way of telling where you were on the zip line so they could stop you close to the bottom. Once at the bottom of the flying fox, we were treated to hot chocolate. A nice warm up, as it had got quite chilly below ground. From here, we finally got to turn on our head lamps full time so we could finally see and we proceeded to do our cliff jumps. We were given our little rafting tubes, and got to jump off a 4 meter cliff into the cold ass water below. ( and it was really cold, the Aussie that jumped after me complained the whole time that it felt like his testicles were in a vacuum sealer and being pulled back into his body). After landing in the water we started our float in the pitch dark, making our way down the underground river. This was neat because there are so many glow worms that they illuminate the entire tunnel where the river flowed, some 210feet underground! After floating and walking down another 3 hours of river we made our way to some more water falls. The best thing about these was that they were coming from above us. We also used these for our exit point. We had to rock climb up the water falls all the way to the surface. That was quite the experience because you are not attached to anything the whole time, you just rely on the guides footing advice. Once to the surface we were taken back to the guiding office where we were all more than happy to have warm showers.

Wow, my afternoon was pretty drab compared to that! I did get to watch them raft below as I was doing my cave tour, and it did look pretty fun, but they also looked frozen! Our guide took us through a 2 hour dry tour of how the caves were formed - quite unreal actually when you think it all used to be at the bottom of the ocean, but through earth changes, the limestone formed below was pushed up to the surface. I then did a pull along boat tour of the glow worm caves - they're pretty neat little guys. Our guide was a traditional Maori of the land and sang one of their songs in the cave- it sounded amazing. Apparently some of the voice echoes for the movie, 'the hobbit' were created in the cave and then used in the movie (I really have no idea though, as I am the worst movie watcher ever and haven't saw this film - or any of The Lord of the rings for that matter, which were shot all over NZ).

There have been two groups of people that thought Clint was a kiwi! He must already be picking up an accent! But apparently, not I. When I was wearing my Canada shirt today, this girl asked where I was from, I told her AB. And she said, 'I knew it, you have that Calgary accent like my cousin'.. And I corrected here that I was actually from northern AB.. Ok, I think I've rambled on enough now to make my day look as full as Clint's adventures!

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