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The White Temple

Also known as Wat Rong Khun

Hands in Hell reaching up to get out



Bridge into the Temple



some of the artists unsual artwork

Very unusual work


Our group split up into 2 vans to ride to Chiang Rai. As a result, we had lots of room to stretch out. But the rid was like a roller coaster due to the hilly land in North Thailand and because the driver likes to go really fast! But the pavement was in really good shape. Along the way we saw people working in rice patties, building new homes, tending crops etc. They all wear things to cover their face, neck, arms and legs so they don't get dark skin.Our washroom stop was where a cashew farm was. We saw the fruit in various stages of maturity. Only 1 cashew per fruit. A lot of houses were on stilts since this keeps the house cool. Once we saw a really rickety suspended wooden slat bridge across the river that we were following.

We arrived at Wat Rong Khun, the White temple. The sun was just sparkling off its surfaces. It is just south of Chiang Rai. it was so beautiful. It is still in the process of being completed. The art work/painting inside held images of superman, Elvis Presley, Batman, Falling of the Twin Towers, George Bush, Osama Binladen and more. We were not allowed to take photos. One wall had sketches on it and scaffolding since it was still a work in progress.

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