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Carpe "at home" at Bailey's

Traffic through Phoenix wasn't too bad

Cactii line AZ74

Roundabout in Wickenburg
Bob really doesn't like these

Joshua Trees along US 93 north of Wickenburg

Rock formations along US 93

US 93 passes Nothing, AZ

Bridges span deep ravines on US 93

Heading for Bullhead City/Laughlin

US 93 in Kingman
This was the only traffic we encountered all day

AZ 68 runs from Kingman to Bullhead City

Union Hill is a steep (6%) grade east of Bullhead City

View of Bullhead City, AZ & Laughlin, NV

Entering Nevada at Laughlin

Cathie treated us to egg dyeing

Cathie & Bob admire our "works of art"

Nani the Doxie Checks out Carpe
She is curious about Rush coming from...

Nani "Sniffs" out the "hood"
She loved sniffing & licking Carpe's mud flap...

A winter storm blasted thru Saturday
Windy, cold, and lotsa rain (snow on...

Sat, 07 Apr: Rolling wheels! Our "hitch itch" was getting pretty bad so it felt good to get up and go through our departure checklists prior to starting Carpe's engine. Since we haven't done this for a while we were doubly careful to ensure that we didn't forget anything.

About 0830 we left our space and drove a few hundred yards to the LP tank where we topped off our tank. We still had ½ tank left, but we'll not match RoVer's Roost price so we topped off. Another round of good-byes and hugs for the road.

Sandi drove the first leg and we headed out of the park a few minutes before nine. The traffic on I-10 north and through Phoenix was light and we made good time. North of Phoenix we exited I-17 near Carefree onto AZ 74 (where we switched driving duties) for the run west to US 60 for the short run north to Wickenburg.

In Wickenburg we transitioned to US 93 via two roundabouts (traffic circles). Bob, who learned to drive in California, has never learned to love these traffic control schemes. Sandi, on the other hand, grew up with them on the east coast and just loves them...

A bit north of Wickenburg we stopped for lunch at a roadside pulloff. We always love driving by the small town of Nothing, AZ. That seems to sum up our retirement attitude. This time through Nothing we noted that there is even more (less?) of it! Then onward until we again switched driving chores a bit south of Wikieup.

The road goes through some hills and over some deep ravines. It is a lovely drive and we've always enjoyed taking this most direct route from Phoenix to Kingman. We joined up with I-40 east of Kingman and exited just west of town to continue north on US 93 a few miles to the junction of AZ 68. AZ 68 heads west from Kingman directly to Bullhead City. It is a divided four lane road that is a lovely drive except for the last twelve miles which take us down (or up if you're heading east) Union Hill.

Union Hill is a steep 6% grade that keeps one on one's toes. Thankfully, Carpe's engine brake does an admirable job of keeping our speed under control and the only time we had to apply the service brakes was when the light at the bottom of the grade turned red just as we got there (doesn't it always?)

We arrived at Ray & Cathie Bailey's place in Laughlin, NV a few minutes after three. We disconnected Dinkum and backed Carpe into "her space" alongside the Bailey's home. Today's drive was 288 miles and, according to the trip computer, we consumed 34 gallons of diesel for a trip average of 8.5 mpg. We'd rate this trip an A+!

As always, the Bailey's rolled out the welcome mat. First of all, since we were here last fall they've upgraded their amenities to include 50-amp service. We'll definitely have to give this place a ★★★★★ + rating.

We enjoyed a prolonged happy hour where the talk was non-stop despite the fact we were together just a few weeks ago in Casa Grande. Cathie put together a "delish" dinner and topped off the evening with an egg dyeing session. How many years has it been since you last dyed eggs?

We finally got back to our coach after ten where we fell into our bed after a wonderful, yet exhausting day.

Tue, 10 Apr: A busy two days with very few concrete achievements to record. In other words; a typical few days in the life of retirees.

Ray & Cathie, as is their wont, have taken to spoiling us rotten. Where else do you get a parking space with full hookups and dinner every nite? [Editor's Note: To answer our own question, we also get wonderful TCL when we stay with Carmen & Domingo Davila at their home in Saginaw, MI!] We're so appreciative.

Yesterday Sandi drove to Bullhead City first thing in the morning to get her blood drawn. Her doctors at Mayo want regular followup blood tests to ensure the meds are doing what they should be (and not what they shouldn't). Bob was not feeling very well and appears to have come down with some sort of influenza. He took it easy all day yesterday and is still grumping around today. Do hope he feels better soon.

Weather is hot and forecast to reach the mid nineties this afternoon. Then a front is forecast to move in and lows should be in the seventies for the balance of the week with rain a possibility. Cool sounds wonderful.

We and the Baileys may take a tour to Kingman later in the week to visit a distillery. It'll be fun to "junket" with them.

And now for an update on our transition to Dish Network. After lengthy conversations with the tech support folks at both Dish and King Dome (the manufacturers of our satellite dish system) we finally got everything configured and operating correctly. We are now enjoying—and loving—HD television. It is really phenomenal!

Sat, 14 Apr: A busy few days doing nothing.

Unfortunately, Bob came down with a bout of stomach flu that had him low for a few days. He started feeling better later in the week and we were able to complete all or our transfers of "goodies" to and from our storage unit.

The weather cooled down mid week, and by Friday it was very windy and quite cool. Friday evening the rains came and it continued all nite. We awoke to damp roads in Laughlin and snow-dusted mountains east of Bullhead City (see pix).

We'll be leaving Sunday morning for Lake Mead where we'll spend the next week. We hope to treat the Baileys to dinner Saturday in appreciation for all their kind hospitality. They've been the consummate hosts and we are grateful for their friendship.

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