Our Year Abroad travel blog

Our baby tree (it's real!)

On our way to north England

It was a bit chilly....

Courtney checking out what it would be like to be tall

The view from the wall....

Hadrian's wall

Craig walking on Hadrian's wall

Craig walking....again

The view from Hadrian's wall

More of the wall

Craig striding

Courtney's favourite time of year has arrived!! As it's hard to transport a Christmas tree on public transport we decided to hire a car and hit the shops (Note: Craig is disputing the 'we' in this statement and believes I manipulated him into the 4 day car hire). We opted for a real Christmas tree but couldn't find a farm so we had to buy it from the equivalent of Bunnings.

On day 3 of the unnecessary car hire (Note: unnecessary statement disputed) we headed south from Edinburgh aiming for Hadrian's Wall which runs from the west coast of England to Newcastle on the east coast. As you would expect a 2000 year old wall was basically a pathway of very old rocks. In typical English fashion the weather wasn't ideal so we spent quite a bit of the day in the car, when we eventually did venture out for a walk along the wall Courtney slipped on some wet grass and ended up with mud all down her leg, Craig was in hysterics (after checking she was ok of course...). Those familiar with the Zanzibar tidal wave incident will remember Craig's swift response in an emergency. Tesco came to the rescue with their £10 jeans and Courtney was once again whole.

We stayed at a great country pub called the Angel Inn in Corbridge and then next day we drove up the east coast inadvertantly stumbling across a castle we had visited with Garrath & Sarah about 6 years ago. It was very cold and Craig was too wussy to go exploring without the proper attire (Note: Craig disputes the use of 'wussy'). Driving into Edinburgh there were clear signs of snow, white mountain tops and white car tops, it looks like we may have missed the first snow of the season but nevertheless we were caught in a snowfall the next morning on our way to work.

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