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Heading up into the Hills

Largest man made lake on Mallorca

Looking into the Valley of doom

Our little Ibeza!!

They just never seem to end...

The wild creatures to look out for

View from the road headed down to the 'beach'

The rocks over road sign doesn't exactly say it all

I'm sure it says something deep and profound

We should have been happy with this beach.

Lunch trade for bathroom

Couple beach houses Mallorca stlye

Looking out into the Med

Paul's got skills to pay the bills

Looked fun until....

I should have had a bad feeling about this.. the gap that...

The way through the cave along the trail

Disturbing lighting...

Don't stick your fingers in any holes

Crazy cave systems abound

The way back through

This was the 'You gotta be sh@$in me' moment

The only way out

Sun setting on the road

All too impressive canyon system

House with a serious view

At least it isn't broken this time – I think. So we had to move from our little slice of heaven today. I truly fell in love with Soller. The town, the people, our comfy, comfy beds in the hotel and a guaranteed hot breakfast, it was fabulous. But like all good things, it had to end and we needed to move on to new adventures. We found an "apartment hotel" outside of Palma, that seemed like a good idea at the time, so we packed up and headed out. Really, we should have stayed in bed.

We've been using a lonely planet book to help us figure out what sights we should see and Paul has been drooling over this picture of a beach called Sa Calobra. The book says it would be best visited on a cool winter day as the crowds during high season "makes D-day look like a play lunch." It was definitely another cool day and it was right up the road from Soller so we figured no time like the present to check it out.

The drive to Sa Calobra took us up and over the Serra de Tramuntana on some of the most intense vomit inducing roads thus far. Just as I think my stomach has surrendered we are thrust around another hairpin turn that feels more like a complete circle than a turn and I find myself praying that lunch doesn’t try to make an encore appearance. We made our way down to the port and it was another gorgeous area. After the crazy drive I was in dire need of a restroom and we were not so nicely informed that we needed to buy something if we wanted the key. Paul was trying to tell her that we would buy something but to give me the key while he was doing so. She was unmoved and for a brief second I thought about puking on papas frittas (French fry) display out of spite. 20 euro later we had bought enough to earn the key and it was not a moment too soon. We sat outside and enjoyed the sun and sea air and our 20 euro worth of snacks.

After a short walk around the very small port we headed to what I thought was the beach. I misunderstood Paul's earlier directions and I drove us to another port that was still pretty but less than exciting. So after some discussion about whether we should go back and find this beach or move on to check out La Granga which we have lovingly dubbed the "torture house" because it is supposed to have displays of old torture rooms and devices, we decided to head back to Sa Calobra and try to find this spectacular beach.

To get to the beach you had to walk along a road/trail that wound in and out of caves for about one half of a mile. There were these insane rock bands and boulders lining the way and of course all we could think about was the amount of undeveloped climbing in this area. We came upon this one boulder with a marker of some sort on it and I told Paul to take a picture of the plaque and he was like "climb it!"

Of course I was more than happy to oblige and hopped on. I climbed around while he took a picture, thinking that I didn't climb up too far. I tried to put my foot down and couldn't find the ground but thought, I'm not that far up, I'll just drop off like I usually do. Bad idea. I wasn't that far up but there was a decent gap between the rocks that covered the ground and I managed to drop right into the gap. Well kids, I think you know what happened next. There was some snapping, popping and crumpling and all I could think of was "I just ruined the rest of our trip."

Refusing to admit that I was injured, I convinced Paul that I was good enough to hobble to see this stupid beach. So we, I mean I, hobbled along while Paul kept trying to talk me in to going back to the car or letting him carry me all white knight style the rest of the way to this renowned beach. Well we finally made it to the freaking beach and maybe it was the previous events that put a damper on our perception or we weren’t at the right spot but our immediate reaction was "REALLY, this is it?!?!?"

So to make the rest of this day a little less painful, were gonna skip most of the drive home. Shawana choose ankle pain from shifting the clutch over the guarantee of vomiting if I were to drive the rest of the way back. We were able to find our hotel in Palma with ease unlike our last attempt that left a lot to be desired which was good because we were both very ready to get some food.

We ended up getting Indian food at a place called Saffron Desi which was very delicious and had fantastic mango lassi's. When we finally settled into our hotel we both noticed something pretty much right away.... We had no bloody heat in the hotel room. BUT you'll just have to stay tuned till the next post to read all about the story behind that one. Wish Shawana well and a speedy recovery!!!

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