Escape From Britain! 2011 travel blog

Just finished the Inca Trail!!! It only took us three days instead of four.

DAY 1: Today was hard but everyone tells us tomorrow is the hardest day (something to look forward to!) It's supposed to be the rainy season but we were really lucky and didn't have any rain, it was really hot and sunny. We had our passports stamped at the beginning of the trail. When we got to camp the boys played football with the porters and won even though they were playing at altitude!!

DAY 2: We camped last night and had a fairly good night's sleep. Our porters are amazing, they carry 25kg and start trekking after us (after they have packed up camp) and arrive and set up the next camp for us before we arrive! They run nearly all the way. The youngest was 20 and oldest 60!!!!! The trek today was really hard, the majority of the day was steep rocky uphill up to Dead Woman's Pass and then and hour and a half downhill, i twisted my ankle on the way down but the guide (Henry) and asst guide (Miguel) strapped it up for me and I had to take it really slow, I was the last one to camp. Don't worry I'm all fixed now and just took it slowly on day 3 and was fine then too.

DAY 3: we got up at 4.45am, we were supposed to trek 16km today but ended up doing 22km (I think that's about 14 miles) because a couple of people in the group were really sick with bugs and needed to see the doctor in the town. Actually it worked out really well for the non-sick ones as we trekked straight to Macchu Picchu. We got our first glimpse at the Sun Gate and the rain stopped, the clouds cleared, the sun came out and we had a really clear view. From the Sun Gate it took another 45 mins to get to Macchu Picchu and because of the time of day (around 4.30 or 5pm) there were no tourists there so we had beautiful unspoilt photos. We had our passports stamped again and then got the last bus down to Aguas Calientes where we stayed on a restaurant floor for the night (as we were supposed to still be on the Inca Trail camping). We went to some more hot springs this evening.

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