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Magnificant waterfront boardwalk; restaurants, shops and galleries along the way

Part of the seawalk is pavement and along parkways; this is Muddy...

Seawater lagoon which has many pools, lots of things for kids to...

One of the exercise areas; chin ups anyone??

Another station with situp benches ... we took a pass!

A Royal Spoonbill; very intersting to watch as it vacuumed along with...

Another friendly Australian grilling dinner for her granddaughter's second birthday party

Cycling park; he was really good and fearless!

Muddy Beach Park with a variety of playgrounds

One of three water parks; well used and likely well loved

Victor with his new buddy ... quite the happy pair1

This fella was in a shop that sold kangaroo pelt shoes etc;...

A plentiful assortment of local fruits; the mango were especially delicious

Oct 22 – Cairns Day Two

After the challenges of yesterday, we decided that a long walk on solid ground would be the best plan for the day. Since the ship docks right downtown in Cairns, it was easy to find the lovely long waterfront walkway. Temperature around 26C and humid (around 75% humidity) so we dressed lightly and took water.

Although we didn’t leave the ship until 11 and need to be back by 5, we had plenty of time to explore and discover Cairns. We’re glad we have two days here since yesterday we didn’t have an opportunity to see any of Cairns at all.

The waterfront walk is, like most coastal cities in Australia sprinkled with high-end restaurants, shops and galleries. However, there is also the familiar saltwater swimming lagoon with depths from a few inches to 1.5M. How we wished we had brought our swimsuits! The beach is called “Muddy Beach” because it is, well, muddy. The actual beach is about 6 feet below the wooden walkway and a notice says “Crocodiles frequently spotted” ... certainly takes the charm out of the beach! There are saltwater crocs in Australia ... who knew ... that can swim many kilometres from shore and can grow to 8 meters.

Further along the walkway is “Muddy Beach Park” which is full of activities for children: a good sized water park, and a playground full of slides, swings and four other areas each with a unique set of activities. Each area is covered to protect children from the mid-day sun. The place was fairly busy with children of all ages, parents and grandparents.

Another unique fitness focus was the workout stations along the waterfront walk. Stations with 4-6 exercise activities were a hundred yards apart: chin-up, sit-up, presses and more. Even though it was very warm and humid, each station had a few exercisers using the equipment. We decided to give it a pass.

Toward the end of the walkway (3-5 km) there was a skateboard bowl and cycling bowl (cannot remember what they’re called). One thing we noticed was that there was no graffiti anywhere on any equipment or in the two bowls. A young fearless fellow was trying out his moves on a bike that was pretty impressive. Right beside the two bowls were three beach volleyball courts with nets, rakes and balls on the ground. It’s impressive to see the focus on physical fitness.

On our wander back, we saw a woman cooking on one of the free BBQs and just had to have a conversation. She was cooking sausages, onions and potatoes on the stainless steel grill. It was her granddaughter’s second birthday and she was cooking for the birthday party. A very friendly woman, she explained that the grills are free, cleaned each night by city staff and are available for anyone. Push the button, the grill heats for 20 minutes ... need more heat ... push the button again.

When we arrived back at the ship, we were greeted with a phenomenal display of fresh fruit: jackfruit, mangoes, papaya, lycee, and a few others that were yummy but we cannot remember their names. The City of Cairns provides the fruit and volunteers explained what each was and how to eat them. What a great treat and end to another lovely day. Thanks Cairns!

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