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Back to Houston until Thursday whent the road trip begins!

During the week, went to a Houston Astros game versus Miwaukee Brewers. The Astros won 6-1 which was a bit of a thrashing. All in all, a fun time, perhaps better atmosphere than the basketball and more interesting than NASCAR. Bit like watching the cricket, although the game was over in a couple of hours. In true American style, drinks were served at your seats (so no cueing up), and the whole stadium was air conditioned (which I think you'd need in summer).

Interestingly, an obvious target market for professional sports fixtures over here is the corporate market - not only people entertaining clients, but also office workers who have just finished work. In line with this, the games for all of the three major sports are held mostly on weekday evenings, kicking off after 7 to let corporates have enough time to get there. The stadiums tend to be centre city, even though no one lives there, again to make it easy to go after work.

The baseball stadium was also rigged for wireless internet so you could take your laptop and view live statistics, email, work or even surf for porn if so desired. The stadium also had a screen with live stock quotes on it, just in case you were speculating on the sharemarket during the game!

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