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Perfect couple , Samara life.


Death walk. I am hurting here!


Feeling better! Beer and water!

Every bar rest has a shower! But a coconut shower!

Five bucks. Cheeze sticks at the beach bar.

Today I forgot how hot it can be here during the afternoon heat. It seem I needed a little reminder. I talked Rox into a short walk to the south end of the beach around 2pm. I was thinking it would take 15 min with a break at the end at a local hotel bar and pool. OPs. It was 25 min at 104 degree heat. All I could do was crawl into the hotel bar. Then we were told they had new rules. No beer unless you had a 35 dolar meal. What the %$%&. Ok I said can I grab a shower on the way out and they said no! Ahhh! Good thing Rox had a shower before she new. Anyway we were able to walk back about 10 min to a local watering hole and order a beer and water. I would have paid 10 bucks for the beer and water at this point. LOL Lesson learned. I was just checking around on the min wage here and its 700 colonies or about 1.25 per hour. Wow. Our good friend Kate has to move over to a new room so we will not be so close anymore. I kinka got used to seeing her for eveningeing chat of the days events. Also our friends Heather and Athena have left for home. So we will be getting a hole new group of students for surf school. Rox is not looking forward to the teens. LOL I think it will be just fine. We are getting into making our own little breakfastfast on the deck , papaya with vanilla yogurt raisins. Keep it cold in the fridge first. Brad

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