Panama and Colombia - Winter 2010 travel blog

Las Murallas (the wall)

Having a drink at a bar on the wall


Puerta de la Reloj (one of the entrances to the old town)

Plaza del los Coches (old slave market)


Fruit seller






The street of my hotel

Busy busy!







Today is Sunday and the streets in the old town are much quieter. It's also overcast so mercifully cooler.

Having six full days here has allowed me to take it easy and not try to cram too much in one day. I even had a nap this afternoon. :)

I think my favourite time in Cartagena is evening. Starting just a little before sunset until about 10:00 pm. The air is cooler, and although the streets are still filled with people, the pace is more leisurely. All the tourists are out, having a drink, looking for a place to have dinner, and riding in horse carts. It feels good. With police on every street corner (and I'm not exaggerating) it also feels very safe.

I now have my favourite dinner restaurant- It´s called El Bistro and serves European-style food at reasonable prices. Typical Colombian food unfortunately is not much different from Panamanian food: grease, sugar and salt. The meat is either served plain or it's swimming in artery-busting sauce. Tonight I'm going to try an Italian restaurant. It looks air-conditioned and I'm sure the prices take that fact into account.

Over the last few days I've visited a few more museums and churches, and yesterday I took a "tour". I figured this would be the easiest way to see other parts of the city (the new town, the San Felipe Fort). This tour was like a parody of a tour. At every stop the passengers (all Spanish speaking except for me) would run around taking pictures of each other in front of everything while sellers pounced on us pushing everything from water to prints, hats, sunglasses, you name it.

The fort was impressive (pictures later) and apparently the largest ever built by the Spanish in the New World. It was never taken.

Tomorrow afternoon I fly to Medellin, which should be a total change of pace.

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