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Pillar Falls area where we get out and walk around

Boarding the party barge for the ride back to the park

Here's a view of the Perrine Bridge from the water- Absolutely beautiful!

Lisa, Jamison and soon to be step-father, Jason

One of the old mining homes

A view of the town of Mackay and surrounding valley from the...

The blooming flowers and more old mining structures

Russ & Jackie Howell, Rick and I, then on the right is...

Same setting..this time Russ is missing

the Shay Railroad Trestle (rebuilt for safety in 2002)

Michael, Walt and David

Michael, Walt and Susan

Christopher, Jamison and Carly after fishing

Redfish Lake

Christopher, Jamison and Carly in the hot tub

David and Anna after a swim in Alturas lake

Rick w/ Eric & Barb Steigers,Fede(fromArgentina) Sue,Walt,David,Scottie&kids at Pillar Falls

Eric and Barb Steigers at Pillar Falls

Christopher saving his mom from a dangerous step at Pillar Falls

One site at City of Rocks

View from our campsite

This was our site (#17) at Smokey Mountain Campground

I think this is Twin Sisters, City of Rocks

Jamison and Anna doing some exploring at City of Rocks

And finally...a view other than fire trucks!! :)

Hello again!

We have continued to stay busy since our little trip to Las Vegas.

On July 14 we attended the annual Rotary picnic that includes a river boat ride on the Snake River. They take up to twelve people at a time up to Pillar Falls, which is just west of Shoshone Falls. At that point riders are let off to explore the river area, then we enjoy the scenic veiw back to Centennial park on the south side of the canyon. The view of the Perrine Bridge from the water still almost takes our breath away. This year we were able to take two rides as there were extra seats on the last ride. (the first time Jamison went with us and the second time we joined Jamison, Lisa and Jason)

Next we took a four-wheel day trip with our friends to Mackay, ID and toured the old mining buildings. Mackay was discovered in 1879 and ore mining began in 1884, continuing until the 1980's. Millions and millions of dollars of gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc were produced from the hill. The town of Mackay encourages four-wheel tourists- we could ride them anywhere in town or up in the mountains. The weather was wonderful.

On July 21st Rick's sister Susan, her husband Walt, their son David, daughter Scottie and her three children, Carly, Christopher and baby Michael arrived. We spent four days in a cabin at Smiley Creek which is just south of Stanley, ID. This is the cabin that Rick helped build and had ownership in until just over a year ago. The remaining partners offered it to us and we didn't hesitate to accept their generous offer. We all enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and hot tub. We took day trips to the Sawtooth fish hatchery, Redfish Lake and Alturas Lake. At the hatchery the children fed the fish in their runs, then went fishing in the stocked pond. At Redfish they did some swimming, rode in a paddle boat and ate ice cream treats. We also made a quick detour to Sockeye campground to say hello to Greg and Barb Jones ( but he was very busy talking to rangers. Alturas is a bit more layed-back so not only did the kids play in the water, but Anna was also able to go swimming with David.

On Friday we headed back to Jerome so I could get all the 43 corsages and boutineers done for Lisa's wedding. The fresh roses and boxes were waiting for me and I had gotten all the bowes done in the previous weeks so I just needed to get real busy real fast. Note: I had never created a corsage or boutineer...ever...I was learning a LOT!! Susan helped me for the first hour and a half; until we had to clean-up for the rehearsal and dinner. My fingers hurt like crazy by the time I was done on Saturday, but they looked quite nice and I was satisfied with my work.

Rick's very close long-time friend Eric Steigers and his wife Barb had come down from Culdesac, ID. We had hoped to see them after rehearsal, but it was much too late. Rick had reserved the same tour boat and driver for family and friends on Saturday morning so they were able to visit then and at the wedding.

Lisa looked gorgeous in her dress and all the men, including Jamison looked very dapper in their tuxes. The ceremony, dinner and reception went off without a hitch. Everyone that attended had a great time. (sorry no pics available yet)

We had promised Jamison that we would take him camping while he stayed with us the thirteen days (before and after wedding). So after catching up on some sleep for a day or two, we took our home out for a camping trip. Destination: Castle Rocks State Park (Smokey Mountain Campground), just outside City of Rocks. City of Rocks is a very popular rock-climber destination. With camping Tues,Wed and Thurs we had the entire campground to ourselves with the exception of the camp-host(who never spoke to us).

Our campsite provided water and electric so we didn't have to dry-camp this time. That means that we didn't use the generator/battery power so we still need to test that out and figure out how many hours we have on battery only.

We have no big tales to tell this time as the only worry times we had were when we over-heated the trailer brakes on the way down the last grade getting there and still being a bit nervous I worried when I heard the frame popping and saw the tires catiwompus when Rick was making the tight turns getting out of the camp site. We have since confirmed that those sites and sounds are normal and Rick just needed to gear down the truck.

Our friends want us to go camping again before the end of August, so it looks like we will have one more outing before we head out for good in September.

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