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Low tide at St Martins caves

Inside cave looking out at low tide

Caves area at low tide

Caves area at low tide

Flower Pot created by tides at Bay Fundy Trails

Waterfall at Bay Bundy Trails

Suspension bridge over Salmon River at Bay Bundy Trails

One of four 16% grades encountered around St Martins

One of twin covered bridges at St Martins (note pedestrian walkway)

This morning, we moved the motorhome about 100 miles further into New Brunswick to St. Martins. We are now at Century Farm Campground with a better ocean view here than we had at St Andrews. We met a couple from Ontario, at the St Andrews campground, this morning and during the conversation, they recommended this campground in St Martins, so we changed our plans for staying at St John and we came to St Martins instead. The drive here was uneventful except for some hills with 16% grades. These are the steepest grades we have seen since Skagway, Alaska. This afternoon, we took the Jeep and drove over to the St Martins Caves. These caves are created by the drastic tide level changes that occur in the Bay Of Fundy. Of course, you could only go over to these caves during low tide. During high tide, these caves are almost completely covered. There are several covered bridges still in use in the St Martins area, in fact we went through one to get to the caves. We also did a little hiking over in the Bay of Fundy trail system. We hiked to a Flower Pot (created by the tides), to a water fall and to a suspension bridge that crossed the Salmon River. Today, we talked with an 88 year old ex-marine and his wife (both from Brooklyn, New York). He and his wife had beem married more than 50 years and he had spent time in Iwo Jima right after WW2. The USMC tire cover on the back of our Jeep has attracted ex-marines throughout this trip Tomorrow, after we walk on the beach, we will probably go into Saint John.

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