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Kim, the homeowner

Bob loves the high work

He's up there again. Rafters go up.jpg

The house with roof and group still smiling.jpg

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The Habitat house before ours.jpg


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Daily visitor to our camper.jpg

Our 2 weeks at the Habitat build is over. As before, it was a super experience with a bunch of like-minded fun-to-be-with people. It’s kind of like going to camp – where you are all in the same boat and become fast friends.

This build was different for me in that I actually did some building – framing, fascia, soffits. At last year’s Vero Beach, FL build – we were working on many houses and I ended up doing the final touches to 2 houses – lots of painting and detail work. This one I pounded nails and never once hit my fingers – a major accomplishment. My most difficult task was learning to bend over without losing all the nails out of my nail pouch, which was around my waist !!

Bob gravitated (once again) to the lifting and high up work – walls, roof trusses and walking on planks high up in the air.

We had so many people working on one house that it was amazing we didn’t trip over one another. In fact, one woman took on the job of “magnetizer” – walking around all day with a strong magnet attached to a pole and picking up every nail that fell to the ground.

The first picture is Kim, the homeowner. She has 2 boys, ages 11 and 13 who came to the “thank-you dinner” and made a point to thank and shake hands with each one of us and wrote a very nice thank-you note. Clearlake is a very poor town with 28% unemployment and lots of chances to go astray. She’s done a wonderful job with her 2 boys. They have been living with her folks, her sister and 2 kids all in a trailer – 5 in one bedroom. This Habitat affiliate requires that an applicant must make a minimum of $24,000. Can you imagine keeping a family going on that amount?

We not only worked hard, but played pretty hard too. As this is vineyard country, we all went wine tasting. One night we went to a local casino, which gives you money to play, and coupons for ½ price pizza at a local shop. Bob and I managed to win $38 – a really good night. It was so easy – just press a button a bunch of times and eventually the lights glitter on and off and make noise and when it ends you find out you’ve made a lot of money – so much easier and more effective than the stock market !!!

The 2 pics of finished house and kitchen show what the previous (almost done) house looks like that this affiliate did. Pretty small but pretty nice.

Also are pics of the lake and part of the campground from the lake. We all had our RV’s parked together – again like camp – only in rather palatial rigs rather than tents. Last pic is daily visitor – along with his mate and lots of friends.

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