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A seven mile hike?!

The Gap of Dunloe

A reluctant repeller

Many other tourists chose to use the jaunting carts


Abandoned barracks

Anne rode ahead and had an opportunity to paint

Her progress on the painting

This house was abandoned and fell into ruin quickly

The hillside from the valley path

Anne and our driver, John

A more populated part of the valley

Thistle in the fields

A church

More jaunting carts - at this point in the hike, they looked...

This church is of more recent vintage

These boats traverse the Killarney lakes

Our group waiting for our boatman

Boarding our boat for the 12 mile journey

The water was calm, but life vests were required

Out on the upper lake

A narrow gap between the lakes

An old boatman passed us

Our boatman

A small rapids. Everyone but Tom (who was ballast) left the boat...

Tom got these unique shots from the boat

The rapids were under this bridge

Some dangerous rocks just beyond the bridge

Our companions re-board the boat

One side of the boat

The other side

A great blue heron

Mound formation

Another bridge to the last lake

Ross castle - our debarkation point

We were allowed to take pictures on the outside only

The castle was well defended - BUT a legend caused its defeat....

A swan family was in the inlet ear the castle

These are such graceful creatures

Ross castle

We traveled back to our hotel in style - our own jaunting...

Our path took us through the national park

We had to use the ordinary roads as we neared the hotel

Gas price is $8.45 American dollars per gallon. This is the liter...

Our hotel for the last night - The Randles Court

We left the cart

A contrast of old and new.

A final leisurely dinner with our group

Today, we left Dingle and drove to the Killarney area where we passed through the Gap of Dunloe, a beautiful area in Ireland's tallest mountain range called the MiGillicuddy Reeks. Most of us walked or at least walked some, but considering that this was only the morning adventure with more to follow, Anne drove in the van with John again and enjoyed the 7.5 mile route and views more leisurely. The van would go to a certain point and if any of the walkers wanted a ride for awhile, they could climb in. This gave Anne another opportunity to paint too.

At the end of this road was our lunch stop, Lord Brandon's Cottage, and from there we boarded open boats for a cruise up the Killarney Lakes. This was quite different and really gorgeous in a different way. Our landing spot was at 15th century Ross castle near Killarney, where we had a tour of the castle - very fascinating. Finally we boarded a jaunting cart (horse and open buggy) for a ride back to our hotel and dinner.

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