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Campfire at Quartzite

Bob reading e-mail


Headed out this morning for Quartzsite. We were only about 30 miles north of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, which is on the Mexican border, but people we talked to said there were instances where vehicles were broken into or stolen by people trying to cross the border. And we have already seen enough cactus !!! Went through a Border Patrol checkpoint – there are a LOT of Border Patrol vehicles around this area because we’re so close to the border.

We passed across the Barry Goldwater bombing range on the way north to catch I-10 again. We went through various types of scenery – palm trees, cactus, evergreens, oaks, and we really like the Spanish architect – BUT I miss the green, green grass of home (even if it’s under snow right now!). There’s just no grass out here...

Made it to Quartzsite Tuesday afternoon, drove through town, and went down to MM99 on Highway 95 toward Yuma (where we had stayed a few years ago). You register (can only stay 2 weeks here for free and then have to move), and then just park anywhere out in the dessert. The RV show was over by the time we got here, so it’s not crowded like it had been – our nearest neighbor is probably 300 yards away. During the show time, it’s wall-to-wall RV’s almost like being in a campground...

We got our Dish satellite set up right away, but have had trouble lining the Internet dish up. We’ll get help from someone around here and get it up eventually (maybe...).

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