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Up the steep slope to Bella Vista

View from Bella Vista down to Banos

Erupting Volcano (with us on it)!!!!

View of Mirador Del La Virgin

Safely decending the Mirador Del La Virgin

Fi, tired after a long days walk

Quad Bike Girlie

One of MANY waterfalls

Quad Bike Boy

View of rain coming up from the Amazon

Inside Banos church

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Quad Bike Girlie in action...


Nesstled on a very precarious looking ledge, on the side of the recently ACTIVE volcano Tungurahura, sits the pretty tourist town of Banos (baths, in Spanish).

Compared to Riobambe, this place is definitely a much better place to just chill, soak up the atmosphere, hike or bomb around the place on quad bikes...

So, on the first day we hiked from the town up near vertical slopes to Bella Vista, then on to Rutan, round the mountainside to Mirador del la Virgin, then back to town...

A really knackering walk, at high altitude with lungs & muscles screaming for air.Half way up Fi says... 'Are you sure we want to do the Inca Trail?'...

Of course, half way round the volcano, it decides to erupt a plumb of ash


Well not to worry yourselves, from where we were standing it was just a cool show to watch but we would not have liked to be up at the top at 16,000 ft...would have been too warm & y'all at home would have to execute the life insurance...

Next day, (yesterday), we decided it would be just too damn hard to cycle all the way to Puyo on bikes, so we rented some quad bikes for a poultry sum & burned rubber to the Rio Blanco & on to the Pavilion Del de Diablo waterfall. At which point, now in the AMazon basin, the heavens opened & we did a quick one eighty back up to Banos, getting the Wash & Blow Dry in the process...

This morning, we visited the hot baths (heated by the Volcano), soaked for a bit, met some English students on a local community project & then we've just been chilling round town.

Tomorrow back to Quito for a couple of days & then we fly off to Peru...

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