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New York, New York from the ground

Coca-Cola World - This one is for you Martin Godfrey!

Helen hanging out in our Luxor hotel room


The view from our window ----> to the right

The view out of our window <------ to the left!

Gareth standing next to our lucky room number!

The inside of The Luxor - bit wierd! Inside it's hollow!

The lobby at The Luxor

An example of the stonework inside the hotel

This is what greets you by the front door!

The Sphinx that sits in front of the hotel!

Sphinx in front of the Luxor - showing the beam of light...

Mandalay Bay, The Sphinx and The Luxor

We promised you suprises!

We checked into the Luxor Hotel for a couple of days of luxury! The Luxor is a hotel that's shaped like a pyramid (and is at the posh end of town). We made the most of the occasion, checking out the pools and all of the gambling! As we walked through Helen decided to open up her "slot machine account" by popping a couple of quarters in to one of the machines. On her SECOND pull of the handle she won 150 quarters back! The machine went crazy!! Flashing and buzzing!! The money just poured out! Helen has a lot of time for gambling now! She's not even old enough in Nevada State (21 years and up!). Great stuff.

That night Gareth suprised Helen by producing two tickets to see the Broadway show of Saturday Night Fever at The Sahara Hotel. It was great! All the old favourites were there...

..." Ah! Hah! Hah! Staying aliiiiiiive!"

..."More than a woman!!!"

Ahem! Moving on swiftly... After that we headed back to the Luxor, which at night has a huge beam of light coming out of the top of it! Very random...

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