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Getting a letter typed!

Sitting in Neils massage chair in his $500 a night room. Thats...

Look at all the complementary food he had. We kindly ate it...

Lucy on our combi-loo in Bangalore

Everyone having a morning wash in Hampi

Having a bath never looked this fun when I was little.

The temple Elephant having his morning wash


The fantastic pre-historic landscape of Hampi

Relaxing by the river. Lucy took this as she thought it looked...

The main temple in Hampi

A boat on the river.

Temple ruins by the river

More temple ruins (I'm afraid this is going to be a common...

This place reminded me of Indiana Jones

15th century temple carvings

More amazing scenery

Monolithic bull

Watching the sun go down (we haven't done that in ages!)

Sun set

Looking for big spiders in the banana plants!

Woman working in the fields

Temple Elephant.


More Monkey business!

Thats probably enough monkey photos for now.

Under a Mango tree looking out over paddie fields. We had a...

At the 16th century Vitulle Temple

Stone chariot.

Women were big on surfing in the 16th Century!

More carvings

The Lotus Mahol and a suprising amount of green stuff.

Elephant stables! Top give you an idea of the size, the small...

Carving of the monkey god Hanuman

This is how bananas grow!

I think the Flintstones used to live here.

First you carry your bikes accross...

Then you carry your water jugs across the river!

Hello all,

The plane didn't fall out of the sky! I think I have now survived nearly all forms of transport in India; train, plane, bus, bike, boat, rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, camel and elephant!

That's not to say it was a normal boring 2hr flight. The 3hr delay was no surprise to us unlike the reaction of the Indian passengers. Two hours in to the delay a few of the men started to argue with an airport official, others joined in until there were easily 100 men crowded around. This continued until the plane arrived and we were convinced it must be over something far more serious than a small delay. But apparently they were just cross no one had offered them some Chai (tea)!

Shortly after we took off Lucy spotted the most amazing site out of the window. A thunderstorm was raging below us illuminating the clouds in the pitch-black sky. It was easily the most impressive display of nature I have ever seen. We were mesmerized by it until it was just a speck in the distance.

Bangalore is the most modern and clean city we have been to (if you ignore all the pollution). It was nice to walk around feeling a bit closer to the 21st century although there wasn't much to do there. We tried to entertain ourselves by visiting the government aquarium but that turned out to be little more than a glorified fish shop. The goldfish outnumbered all the other fish put together.

While we were wandering around Bangalore something we've been predicting for ages finally happened. We were stood on the corner of a street, waiting to cross the road and Lucy was just saying for the hundredth time that if people looked at us instead of the road then there would be an accident, when a motor cyclist who was watching us in the opposite direction to which he was going skidded off his bike. Luckily he wasn't seriously hurt and we consider it to be a small bit of karma for all the men who stare at us.

Thanks to everyone who has been showing concern for my health. To keep you up to date I have had a small relapse but like a knight in shining armor Neil turned up with a mountain of Pepto-Bismol. Which keeps things under control, as long as I keep remembering to take them!

For those of you who don't know Neil works with me at PwC in Bristol and was in Bangalore on business, not just to deliver me medicine. We had a lot of fun visiting his posh hotel, which was 50 (!) times the price of our room and came with a massage chair and loads of free food.

From Bangalore we caught a bus to Hampi. It was the most modern and comfortable we've been on and for the first time absolutely nothing went wrong.

Hampi was once the site of the capital of one of the largest Hindi empires in Indian history. It was founded in 1336 and is strewn with temple ruins. The landscape in Hampi is beautiful and looks like something out of the prehistoric ages. I almost expect to see a dinosaur come lumbering through the banana forests. (I'm thinking of a herbivore, a velosoraptor would really ruin the relaxing atmosphere)

We really enjoyed Hampi and its laid back atmosphere. It's the first place here that I was really sad to leave. I would definitely say it's somewhere not to miss for anyone visiting India.

Hope to hear from you all soon,


P.S. Dad Hampi is full of really cool birds and butterflies; there are lots of interesting calls coming from all the trees. We ate our lunch watching a bright blue Kingfisher catch his lunch in the paddy-fields. Unfortunately without a super lens camera like yours I couldn't get any pictures.

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