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Shinjuku in the rain

Jenny demonstrating the size of scallops and prawns - Tsukiji fish market

Andrea demonstrating how NOT to eat squid!

Lunch at Tsukiji market

Look no hands! Jenny drinking sake

Fish eyes???

For demonstartion purposes only!

Yes, thats the loo!

As you probably know, Typhoon Hagibis is about to hit (not sure what it is about me and typhoons, the last time I was in Japan it was the same!). Having seen how the whole city shuts down during these disasters, we really wanted to make the most of our first day in Japan before the rain struck.

We had organised a 4 hour cycling tour for the morning, commencing at 8:50am about 40 minutes by train from our hotel in Shinjuku. Deciding to grab some breakfast close to the meeting point, we ventured down to the metro to catch the train. What we hadn't factored in was the peak hour snuggle!

There is nothing quite like being squashed up against total strangers, not knowing where to place your hands. At one stage I realised that while holding my camera close to my body, my hand was resting on the bum of the man in front! Probably made his day!!!

You are supposed to be respectful and refrain from talking on the train however we couldn’t stop laughing every time another few people were pushed on, similar to cramming sardines into a can.

We arrived to take our tour, along with two other groups, and waited and waited. After a few calls and frustrated words, we were finally informed that the tour company had cancelled the bike ride due to the typhoon. Hello, it ws still fine outside!!

We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon wandering around Ginza, Tsukiji fish Market and the Imperial Palace.

At least our evening food tour hadnt been cancelled. We spent a fun four hours moving from one Japanese delicacy restaurant to another (read chicken hearts, tendons, liver...), all with an alcoholic beverage to match the food choice. It was wet but certainly not cold outside and being a Friday night, Shinjuku was pumping - typhoon or not!

After walking 24km today, we all retired relatively early, totally exhausted. Not sure what will happen tomorrow, but the adventure will certainly continue!

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