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Today began very early. We needed to be at the airport at 6:30 AM, so we stayed at the Home2 Suites at Newark Airport last night. We missed the airport shuttle, and the next one was 30 minutes out. With a few clicks I had an Uber pick us up and take us to terminal C. The airport was not real busy, so we were able to get through TSA Pre aided security very quickly. Next up was breakfast. I remember not too many years ago when you had to choose between McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, a Jersey diner, and a few other restaurants for breakfast. These days, there are more esoteric restaurants. We found a bar that served full breakfasts in the morning hours. We sat at a table, each of us facing a tablet in the center of the table. We worked through ordering, discovered I was entitled to a 10% discount and soon had our breakfasts served to us.

After breakfast, we headed to our gate, and made it just as boarding was starting. The process seemed very quick and orderly. I soon found out why. Our flight was only about half full. There were lots of empty seats. We were ready to go early, and were told we would be on time. Our departure time came, with no movement. Soon we heard that there was a small mechanical problem that was solved and we were just waiting for the paperwork. We pushed away from the gate about 15 minutes late and headed out to the taxiways. We stopped short of the main taxiway, and were soon told that the airport was changing takeoff/landing directions. Bottom line, we took off about 1 hour late. We were told we should be able to make up most of the time. Our flight time was scheduled for just under 11 hours, so we had lots of time to catch up.

Cheryl and I had planned for the time. We had a Daily News for me and a New York Times for Cheryl. We had bought some sandwiches and salads for lunch. We each ended up watching a few TV shows, Cheryl watched two movies (Aladdin and On The Basis of Sex) and I watched one (Aladdin), and we each did some reading. We arrived in Honolulu about 15 minutes late. Not bad. We left the plane and headed for baggage claim. We retrieved our bags, and set out to find transportation to our hotel. It seems the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort did not provided airport shuttles for the 8 mile trip to the hotel. We found a shuttle company, and were soon on our way.

When we got to the hotel, we were dropped off, and headed for the check-in desk. It took us about 5 minutes to get there. It seems this resort is about 10 acres big, with numerous towers, four or five pools, two beach areas, numerous restaurants, and a shopping mall size collection of small shops. Much of the areas, including the main check-in area are open air. Really nice. They got us a cart to take us to our tower (there are advantages to looking older) and headed for our room. Once we got settled, we headed to explore the grounds, and find dinner. Many of the restaurants are high end, but we were able to find a nice Italian restaurant. Very good food. When it came time for dessert, we saw a local fruit tart selection. We asked what the local fruit was. Blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. Oh,well. So much for pineapple, guava, and kiwis. After dinner we walked around a little, then headed for the room to turn in. It was, after all, around 1 AM to our bodies.

Tomorrow: More exploring of the resort.

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