Rich and Cindy Ackman PEI and Nova Scotia 2019 travel blog

Albino Deer at Dairymen's Pioneer Cabin

Bear Enjoyiing Some Bird Feed

Pileated Woodpecker (15' tall)

Baby Racoons Looking for Mom

Bald Eagle Having Breakfast

New Fawn at Home Lake Lodge Front Door

Great Black and White Hunting Dog

We have enjoyed a 4 day visit in Minocqua. We had the chance to visit with old friends and a bunch of the great folks we once worked with at Dairymen's in Boulder Junction. Cindy and I were at Dairymen's for just under 10 years. I was the GM and Cindy worked in the accounting office. Dairymen's is a private resort club in the North Woods of Wisconsin. The club has 53 cabins, 2 clubhouses, 8 lakes and is spread over 8000 acres. It is a beautiful place.

Minocqua is a small tourist style town. There are huge numbers of people from Illinois that make an annual pilgrimage to the area for summer vacations, as well as for winter sports.

I also had a chance to play Minocqua CC which is one of my all time favorite golf courses.

The area is teaming with wildlife which you will see from the pictures. Not all these pictures are from this trip, but they show a great example of wildlife you will see almost on a daily basis as they were taken when we lived here. Boulder Junction is the best place in the country to see white deer.

Off to Mackinaw Island in the morning.

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