2018 Adventures travel blog

Inside Bled castle in the print shop

Printer at work


Island in Lake Bled

Rowed across to the island; no singing involved

Church on the island

Special island boats (no keels)

Bled castle in the rain

Cookie making lunch place

Tito's villa on Lake Bled

Tells about cookies AND plays the accordion

Sample of a giant cookie

Rog opted to stay in drier Ljubljana while I headed to Lake Bled to see the castle and the lake. Rog says he wandered around the city and also learned about dragons up in the castle. I saw the castle at Lake Bled; my favorite part was the print shop where there was a demo of the type of press used for the Gutenberg Bible. It rained off and on, but we managed to see the lake, ride a keel-less boat to an island in the middle, and then visit a restaurant with an enthusiastic accordion playing maker of cookies.

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