Unfinished Business - Fall/Winter - 2017/8 travel blog

We're about four hours drive from home, entirely feasible, but by the time we would get home the temperatures would be below freezing. As I am writing this snow flurries are falling. Wiser to arrive midday tomorrow when water chores would be more doable and temperatures above freezing. We are camped across the Mississippi River from St. Louis and saw great views of the city and its distinctive arch as we neared the campground. This area gets a lot of bad press of the crime based sort in our Chicago based news media. And we know that Chicago gets a lot of bad crime based press in the rest of the country. So much depends on luck and being in exactly the wrong spot. You never know, but experience tells us that campers are good people; some are just wealthier than others. The campground is nearly full, but most of the rigs look seasonal, stored here year round and used in the summer. Others look like they belong to working folk who might live in their rigs year round. If your job requires you to move around, this lifestyle is practical and affordable. We are paying $45 for the night, more than the total of what we spent on camping throughout the entire trip home. But the black tank must be emptied and we don't have many other good choices ahead.

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