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On site at Coolamon

16th October; Gordon to Coolamon.

We left around 10:30 this morning and eventually got to Coolamon around 3:00 after a few stops and following some slow traffic…. Remind us never to use the Barton Hwy while the Murrumbateman Field Days are on…..

Carol was most amused as we passed through Bethungra to see a chap sitting on a camp chair keeping an eye on the famous “spiral”. I told her he would be a Gricer waiting to photograph a train climbing the spiral which is world famous and inhabited by such people… Shortly after we saw a train one the “up” heading to the spiral to have its portrait taken… Of course romantics like me don’t do that sort of thing anymore, unless there is some huff and puff and hiss of steam along with a commensurate amount of smoke I’m not interested… Heres a video so you can see how it all works; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3rfn9rcMLk

This was one of the slower parts of the trip we were following a small truck doing 60 followed by an elderly van being towed even slower and a B double impatient to pass….

As its Sunday the shop is closed so a “trustee” collects your $10 and hands out the keys to the conveniences which we didn’t bother with as its starting to rain and we wanted to stay hitched up so were put “out the back”.

Then it was a nice cup of tea and a Veterans Nap punctuated by Carol complaining the toilet smelt and that was soon fixed the chap who repaired the van had not connected the fan so once reconnected we can now crap without odour…

That stench paled into insignificance when a couple pulled up in a whiz bang and proceeded to light a camp fire on which they burnt their rubbish and plastic bags.

After the rather nice Hamburger at Wallendbeen for lunch we had a simple meal of a pie with mash and peas…

Tomorrow we head for Shepparton…

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