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Wurzburg's famous castle - Ah, neither had we!!

Wines growing on every available bit of steep castle hillside.

The local wine comes in this shape of bottle - with a...

One of the campsites has this "sand" dry ski slope - strange!

Our little campsite has this local swimming pool - for all to...

Wednesday 25th May 2016, Germany

The weather today is reasonable and we discover that the public transport is free for tourists – great news - just get a ticket from the campsite reception and show it on the bus and away you go – So for us it’s a day trip to Wurzburg.

Nope had not heard of it either – but it’s nice with a huge castle overlooking the river and a buzzy centre with many eating places. Nice

Thursday 26th May 2016, Germany

Misty start to the day and a drive to Hirschau past Nurnberg is not that pleasant and to add insult to injury we find our selected campsite full – as it’s a major holiday weekend in Germany.

However the reception give us details of another site not far away, which proves excellent. It is in a small village and is council run – many statics but 18 pitches for tourers – but we manage to squeeze in a wee slot as here to is busy with the holiday weekend. The real bonus is that it has a great open air swimming pool for the campsite and the local community AND the receptionist is the most smiley person EVER!

Friday 27th May 2016, Germany

We are out of basic provisions – yep DRINK – and we go off to the Netto to stock up and then back to the campsite that turned us away – just to check it out – AND we are better off where we are!! Though the other site is huge with a sand ski slope – yep bizarre (it’s next to a huge quarry – and the extra crushed rocks make the sand!!)

Saturday 28th May 2016

The day starts a bit misty – but soon warms up and it’s shorts and tee shirt weather again. So, we debate what the morning will bring and decide on a trip to the nearby town of Amberg – mentioned on many autobahn signs – it’s a short 12 miles away.

The town was an old walled city and as we try and find a place to park we are led into a warren of one way streets but eventually find a drive in space and are helped by a local to purchase the appropriate parking ticket.

After a short walk we discover a nice busy square with a market going on and many folk out and about. So we walk the streets (lanes) taking in the atmosphere and then decide on one of the buzzy places for lunch. Happily a table becomes available and we peruse the German menu trying to guess what things are. Helpfully the waitress asks if we want an English menu – yes please - so we have a Pils and a White wine and then Carolyn had a Cheese Breakfast – loads of cheese salad and two enormous rolls. Neil has Salad Zentral – the house special – salad with curried Turkey breast and orange slices – YEO. A bit strange but a huge plateful when it arrives.

The whole thing only cost 20.60 Euros – a bargain I’d say – as Carolyn took most of hers home for a meal later!

Back at the caravan the afternoon weather is a mixture of sunshine and thunder showers – four seasons in one day.

Dinner deconstructed pizza

Sunday 29th May 2016

Another cloudy and misty start to the day – but as we are up early we have a leisurely breakfast before getting the caravan ready for the road. An unexpected bonus was the cost of the stay – as it’s a major holiday we expected the cost to be more – but no – it was only 17.50 Euro per night – great value considering.

We had a little trouble getting the caravan to hitch up properly and concerned that it was not correct – so after we left the site we stopped a couple of times to check it out – fortunately it as fine.

The drive to the border was ok – not much traffic but at the border we had to buy a Vignette for the motorway – well that proved an issue – not the buying but the putting it in the right place – save to say we had to buy another!!

After we left the motorway and headed South we eventually found a lay-by to have lunch and “facilities in the woods” then all the way to Cesky Krumlov – BUT here we hit a problem.

The directions to the campsite- which we were at 12 years ago were vague and we missed the torn off and had to go miles to turn around – but we got here in the end - BUT what a shock – 80% of the lovely campsite is now a solar farm –yes – huge solar panels and very little campsite left – DAMN.

However, we cycle into the UNESCO site and it’s just as good - many Asian tourists but lovely all the same – so we get some dosh and have a drinkie and the cycle back – 24 minutes – which is more than I remember it taking 12 years ago!!

Dinner at the campsite with 5 Dutch and 1 German unit.

More to come from the Republic

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