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Yesterday we lay in for a while then had breakfast and went to find a London Drugs. I had had a problem with my new computer on Monday night, but of course, when the technician tried it, it worked fine - and has since. We got a few things there and at the Safeway next door then came back to the trailer and had lunch. Christine did some housework and we went to Sandy and Fiona's and had dinner. Their daughter from the USA is staying with them and she came in later. Her husband has been laid off, and the papers they have only allow her to stay while he is working, so she has had to come back to Canada and get her papers sorted out. Don't ask me to explain the situation. Like most things where governments are involved, logic does not enter into it.

We had a good evening with them all and it is a long while since we have seen their daughter, so it was good to get reacquainted.

This morning we were up early and set off for Fairmont. It was a good drive, though we thought the road busier than in previous years. There was a light rain as we left Calgary, and it followed us most of the way, but we got checked in and set up without getting wet, though there had obviously been heavy rain here.

We had lunch and washed the windows. We sorted out a few things and read then had dinner and a walk round the campground.

Fiona, Darcy and the children are expected very late tonight - probably early tomorrow morning, in fact.

David and Dawn should arrive tomorrow afternoon. I expect we will spend the day with them all here at the Campground.

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