2014-Australia travel blog

Corrimal Beach

Surfers and sand of Corrimal Beach

Tessellated pavement on the shore near Bellambi

Near Bellambi Boat Ramp

Lakeside Homestay B&B, Mt. Warrigal, NSW

Stripping the molding and damaged panel - at Keep Traveling Caravan Repair

Winston after repairs to the back end

Chrysler - Local Hungry Jack parking lot, Miranda, NSW

Hudson ('52) - Local Hungry Jack parking lot

Chevy Belair ('55) - Local Hungry Jack parking lot

Winston at Sydney RV to be sold on consignment at the end...

Penrith Railway Station

View out the window of our room - Ibis Sydney Airport Hotel...

This is our final update while actually in Australia. We are excited to be returning home to friends and family, but also a little sad to be leaving. We have met many kind and wonderful people, some of whom have become friends that we will miss and hope to meet again someday.

We bid farewell to Corrimal after a long walk on the beach and went to Oak Flats where Winston had the hole above his rear window repaired. That necessitated staying somewhere else overnight, so we went to Lakeside Homestay B&B located about one block from Lake Illawarra where we were greeted by Irene and Frank, the proprietors, like long-lost friends. After a long conversation swapping stories and adventures, they delivered us to a local bowling club where we had a great pizza and walked back to the B&B. Next morning, more good talk and Irene, having been raised in England, fed us a fine “English breakfast.”

Next, we moved to Miranda, a suburb of Sydney, to be closer to the airport and Penrith where we have arranged for the dealership where we purchased Winston to sell him for us. This means, of course, that we spent several hours cleaning and polishing him inside and out.

If you have ever spent an extended vacation at a distant place, you will understand that you accumulate more stuff than you brought with you – souvenirs, gifts, and just “stuff.” We got by with only one large box that got shipped home. There are also a number of things that went to “Vinnie’s” (Saint Vincent de Paul) and all the motorhome/RV furnishings that will stay with Winston.

It hasn’t been all rushed, though. We have taken the time to wander around Miranda a bit – walks around the quiet, middle-class neighborhood and a trek to the nearby food store. Using up all the food but still having enough for meals as we wind down sometimes gets a little tricky. One day while we were out on our walk, we encountered a gathering of vintage cars in a local Hungry Jack parking lot. There were some Fords, a Chrysler hot rod, a Hudson, and Jon’s favorite, a ’55 Chevy Belair.

After spending all day Monday packing and Tuesday delivering Winston, we took the train to a hotel near the airport. There we reorganized everything we will take home with us so that most of it can be checked but leave us with just the things we need to have in our possession. Tomorrow we board a plane at 1:00 pm (April 16) and after about 21 hours we land in Tucson, AZ, at about 5 pm the same day. Obviously, we gain back the day we lost crossing the International Date Line.



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