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First Day in London, in front of Big Ben

We arived in London at 5.30am. Heathrow hadn't changed still bust even early in the morning. Cought the train to Russell Square station (hopeing this was the one). Arrived got the map out and realised we where 2 blocks from our hostel. We get to the hostel and can't check in till 2pm it was 8.30am. What to do?

We leave our bags there and head south (I think this is the way to the city). I was right a short walk and we where walking past 10 Downing street heading for big ben. We saw the Mellenium Wheel (London Eye). And decided to have a ride. It is amazing it goes twice as high as big ben and you get 360^ views.

Still having time to kill we deceide on a bus tour of London. 3 hours later after seeing most of what you can see in London we finish and head back to the hostel to check in. The room was not the best hostel I had stayed in before but it was clean and thats all you can ask for.

Early night 8.30pm after dinner in bed asleep.

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