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Sadgara Familia


Prayer Room

Barcelona from Park Gruell

Today was Barcelona and Montserrat the Monestary that is about and hours drive away from

Barcelona. We were on a wonderful excursion with just 14 people from the ship that we arranged through a group online. Barcelona is a beautiful large city and very well know for it's many buildings designed by Gaudi. One of his most famous is Sadgra Familia which is a church that has been worked on for 100 years so far and is not even 1/2 done. The picture shows the detail that is in all parts of the design. After seeing some in Barcelona we went on to Montserrat and that was quite a drive up some switchbacks into the mountains. The Bascilica that sits there was amazing it was founded due to the legend says the Black Virgin. One of the other things that it is famous for is the boys choir which we got to hear. The prayer room was so beautiful I can't even describe it. After our time there we went back to Barcelona and took a tour of Park Guell which is another of Gaudi's work. He was hired there to create a more or less a gated community it is a beautiful space with gardens and the largest use of mosaic tile you will ever see. There were wonderful views of Barcelona and the sea from there. We then toured through where Barcelona held the Olympics another garden like area with great views of the city below.

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