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if there is space there are flowers!

My wi Fi Inn

babbling brook

Church with Cornish signage

statue near harbor

fishing harbour

And another view

some fising related buildings were a bit Norwegian looking!

my love: narrow streets

After reaching Penzance I took a cab to Newly to my accommodation, courtesy of my Ellen St Fremantle neighbours. They are utilising my unit while I'm away and I have their Cornish cottage in Newlyn.

Fragdan St and Fragdan place seems like it may have once been the centre of the fishing town. In the centre it has an old post office (now housing)and some warehouses. 'cottages' are terrace houses (I think that's the term) and anywhere a flower or shrub will grow, one has been planted

I did take a photo of 'Ancarva' Fragdan Place, but cant find it. will have to go back to the camera.

Its easy to get to; close to buses and other amenities, and as a bonus it's a delightful cottage. A couple of neighbours introduced themselves, said if I needed anything..and then quietly left me to do my own thing. Being called 'lovey' seems OK when it comes from a gentle Cornish woman!

To answer the question posed in the last entry re Wi FI/internet connections in the village? None were obvious, and questions drew a blank so I went to Penanze by bus to check that out. The library had internet not WiFi. Charged 1 pound fifty for half an hour. SO I did some family emails and got some of the Norwegian trip done.

Then I found a café that offered free Wi-Fi so I used that a couple of times, and in the process also ate some very nice Cornish food. No wiFi but a very cheap meal was one that that the fishermen use, so it opens very early. I had a very cheap and very tasty lambs liver and bacon there for a couple of pounds.

Walking around Newlyn I found an old pub (1770) that looked very smart for its age! And it had Wi-Fi. SO I booked in for tea, and had an hour before to use WIFI. Trouble was it dropped out 90% more than it was in. Then my meal arrived and I stupidly left computer on. By the end of the meal. WiFi had got its act together but my battery had conked out I gave up then. It wasn't worth the hassle or the time being wasted

Other than that frustration, I love Cornwall. The people, the scenery, EVERYTHING. But I started off by being slack. Read two books from Penny and David's bookshelf before doing much exploring!

But over the week, I wandered around, talked to some locals. took hundreds of photos and deleted nearly as many.

Newlyn is still a fishing port, but my guess is not half as busy as it used to be. One of the attractions which was on my 'to see list' was a working museum, salting and packing fish, is now very groovy apartments. There was a small supermarket, a post office a few pubs, a fish and chip/chicken and chip shop and bakeries and a few cheap but good eating places, a fisherman support centre (mission?) a couple of churches and of course a harbour full of fishing boats, a Fish Market and a variety of fresh fish shops. Oh and Art galleries and shops. I'm sure I've left a few out?? chemist, teeny newsagent...

I talked to a fisherman who was from one of the deep sea trawlers. He said they didn't affect the others as they fished closer to shore. But given the types of fishing included dragging along the bottom, ones that trawled a few feet from the bottom and surface long line fishing. Its a wonder there are any fish left anywhere!

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