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Debbie crocheting up a storm

A beautiful afghan indeed

Suzy really was taken with this Bird-of-Paradise!

An Egyptian deity at the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose

Sam winding up for the pitch

Kathie shows off her equipment

This is the truck that Kathie usually works from

She's so proud of being a fireman

Oregon's apology for winter weather is beautiful flowering trees and shrubs everywhere.

Pink dogwood abounds near Champoeg

Champoeg State Park, Oregon - We're finally on our way, starting the Alaska / Yukon Territory journey. Are we excited? You bet! We spent several months in the Portland area taking care of very necessary medical and administrative concerns, and we've gotten somewhat acquainted with the area. We've been invited to a family reunion (Suzy's family, most of whom we not only have never met, we'd never even heard of them!) and a school reunion (Jerry's old grade school class that he didn't even graduate with). Those reunions are both conveniently scheduled for August, just as we return from this journey.

A week or so ago, Suzy "ran away from home" and flew to California and then to Nevada to visit with our daughters. In San Jose she and Debbie rented a motel room where they crocheted and talked and enjoyed each other's company. According to the story, they also enjoyed a glass of wine or two. They took time to visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and to drive up a winding road on Mount Hamilton to one of our favorite restaurants. The view over Silicone Valley is amazing.

In Nevada, she visited Kathie and family at their home in Minden. A highlight the first night was seeing 9-year-old grandson Sam pitch a baseball game. Kathie took Suzy on a tour of her current life, including the gym where she works as a personal trainer and teaches fitness classes, and the firehouse where she serves as a volunteer firefighter. Yes, Kathie is a fireman! Suzy got some good pictures of her at the firehouse, along with some of Sam pitching. With Granddaughter Renee's wedding on the horizon (October 1), Suzy went shopping with Kathie for a grandmother-of-the-bride outfit. As luck would have it, she was able to pick up several other neat outfits for this summer's travel as well.

Now here at Champoeg State Park we are actually in a transitional stage. We came here so we could take the motorhome to a local automotive center for scheduled maintenance and a pre-trip safety check. We also made our last mail pickup and set up the mail forwarding process. We use the Lake Oswego, OR, UPS Store. The folks there are very nice and will do a good job for us. As we began to drive away from the UPS Store, however, the car began to shudder and groan. Suzy noticed the 4-wheel-drive indicator lights were on, so I pulled back into my parking space to remedy the situation. It wouldn't remedy. Out came the owner's manual that tells exactly how to do it, but nothing we could do would get us into 2-wheel drive.

The obvious next step was to call the Suzuki dealership's service department. They'd never faced this problem before, and after 15 minutes on the phone, were unable to help. Their solution: call Suzuki's roadside service and get towed to the dealership! Unfortunately we had left the camera in the car and didn't think to retrieve it before the XL7 made the trip onto the back of the flatbed, so we can't show you pictures.

Once at the dealership, Curt (whom we have come to know far too well by now) spent about five minutes fixing the problem. He had looked up a newly issued tech bulletin and found the solution. We were home before we knew it.

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 21) we leave for Ilwaco, WA, and the Eagle's Nest Resort. Today we're checking the map to confirm our route these 140 or so miles. We're trying to balance gas usage (at $2.40 a gallon), seeing new country, whether to follow the coast or the Columbia River, and a host of other factors.

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